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Thankful Thursday

ttbutton.jpgIt’s time to sit down and document my thankfulness this week. 

I’m thankful that Christmas is over, and things have slowed down for us.  We’ve actually spent days in our jammies, snuggling and watching movies.  It’s been wonderful!

I’m thankful that we are blessed as a family, and we have a warm home to stay in when it is so very cold outside.

I’m thankful for my husband, and his hard work to provide for our family. 

I’m thankful for this new 90 day bible reading journey I am embarking on, and looking forward to the many blessings it will bring. 

I’m thankful for my bloggy friends, whom I may never meet, but who encourage me so much.

I’m thankful that my husband came home with a smile on his face tonight, and is in a good mood after work. 

I’m thankful for the beautiful living room I’m sitting in, with new furniture and harvest brown walls.  It’s so cozy and inviting, and a great place to read the bible. 

And I’m thankful that it’s Thursday, and I had the time to share this with you.  Hope your day is wonderful.  Goodnight

Thursday Thanks Tank

Thanks Tank  This is supposed to be a weekly installment, but I seem to be lagging.  I’m making the effort tonight, and that’s big, not because I don’t have anything to be thankful for, but because I am struggling.  Struggling with my own thoughts and emotions.  So that’s why this is good Pam.  I need to focus on the good things.  Here goes…

Today I am thankful for

1. My baby Boo is feeling better tonight, and she had a good day of rest and relaxation.

2.  My Zach got a haircut last night, and he looks so handsome.  He’s been growing it and opposed to getting it cut, but daddy said he should go.  It was one of those things that I chose not to pick a battle over, because I thought he was hansome either way.  But now I can see his eyes better, and he’s the only one with my green eyes!

3.  My Matthew is my Kissaroo.  He loves to hug, cuddle and smooch me, so I’m trying to relish that for the time being.  Because I know it won’t last long. 

4.  The little bit of snow that we had is still beautiful and glistening white today.  It shimmers on the tree branches. 

5.  Fast Food.  My meal plan for this week included a few casseroles, which apparently most of my family dislikes.  After two days of snarled noses, tonight I went on strike and we had fast food. 

6.  God and his healing words spoken at just the right time.

7.  A very nice talk with my parents last night on the phone.  It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other, but I always feel the love and prayers from them.  Even if I was a terrible teen!

8.  Freshly vacuumed floors, and mopped up muddy doggie paw prints from the kitchen.

9.  Bedtime stories.  In December, our stories are about Jesus, and it feels so good to have Matthew talk to me about Joseph.  He remembers something from sunday school, and shared it with me.  It was so touching.  So sweet.

10.  The Advent wreath and readings have been insightful and inspiring.  We even made it through tonight’s without any disruptions. 

So, I made it through, and could have actually gone on farther.  God Bless You.

Thursday Thanks

Sometimes it’s hard to get up and out of the mire of daily life and hassles, but when you focus on being thankful, your whole outlook changes.  I learned this valuable lesson from Pam over at Without Fear. So Pam, I love your blog because it inspires me! 

Here’s what I am thankful for right now…

1.  Praise be to God, and his grace, mercy and love for me.  I don’t always feel worthy, but He says I am! 

2.  My warm and cozy home that protects me from the elements.  I pray for those people who are out on the streets without a place to call home. 

3.  My family is healthy.  That is a big one, because we have all kinds of bad things going around in the school system right now. 

4.  The chance to touch others’ lives with prayer, because it is such a simple thing for me to do, but it has a tremendous impact.

5.  My friends and family, because I know they are praying for me. 

6.  My husband, because I know in my heart that God placed us in the same location for a reason.  We are meant to be together, and in his own way, he makes me strive to be a better person.  I love him.

7.  Fall is my favorite season.  The spring and summer were so dry here, and I wondered what that would do to the fall colors.  Well, God has taken out his paint and brushes, and the canvas before me is a glorious display of red, yellow, golden, and orange.  I love it because everywhere I look I can see God!

8.  The whole daylight savings time is something that this Indiana girl is just not used to, and frankly I struggle with it for about 3 months.  So I really thought about this one.  I am thankful for the time change because I can see the sunrise on my way home from dropping my dd off at school.  We started the school year off by sharing the sunrise together, and then had a few weeks where it was dark when we left our house.  Now we can share the splendor of the sky together again. 

9.  My recent motivation to take control of the clutter and get organized is still here.  I am sticking with it, and seeing results.  My kitchen sink is shining Flylady! 

10.  Last, but not least, I am thankful for the wonderful women who minister to me from their blogs.  We may never meet one another in person, but I consider you all my friends. 

If you’re inspired to follow suit with a Thursday Thanks Tank, grab the button and go see Pam to let her know.