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Mommy Tip Tuesday

My friend Amanda is hosting a Mommy Tip Tuesday.  She announced it last week and I thought it was such a great idea.  Of course, today I can’t think of a single good tip to pass along.  Today I don’t think I’ve made anyone happy.  Brooke said I was mean, and she thinks all I ever do is spend time with Zach and talk about racing.  Zach is mad, and let me know it by vocalizing his dislike for me asking Brooke how dance class was tonight.  He says all I ever do is talk to Brooke about dance!  Matthew is mad because I told him to STOP HITTING YOUR BROTHER, after he busted Zach’s lip.  They’re not lining up with the mom of the year award! 

I guess my tip would be to laugh a lot, show affection with hugs and kisses, and pray without ceasing!  On days like today when I have everyone unhappy, God always gets me through.  Tomorrow will be better!  Head on over to The Stumbling Christian to participate.  I can use all the help I can get!