About me

I have been a working mom, a work from home mom, a stay at home mom, a part-time work for my husband mom, and now back to working full-time mom. I’m blessed to be the School Nurse at my kid’s school and see them grow and learn. My daughter is 18, oldest son is 16 and the youngest son is 11.

My daughter is a freshman in college….the family dynamic has changed and I’m surrounded by my guys. I love them dearly, but I miss the girl time and talking with my daughter. Boys just don’t talk as much : )  My hubby works hard and he carries loads of stress around. I appreciate him so much for providing for us, and allowing me to stay home with our last son until he went to school!

I hold a strong faith in God, as He is who carries me through. This blog is just a place for me to journal about my day, misc. rants and venting sessions, and to possibly minister to someone in need of some scripture. I am no expert, but God is.

I hope this is a lighthearted place, and not too preachy for you. Often times you’ll just find something about my everyday life. I hope you can take something from it, and visit often for updates.

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