Just Wait

A patient person I am not, but God is telling me to wait. 

“In waiting, we will live an overcoming life as we learn to walk in God’s joy, peace, and contentment.  When we wait, He will give us His secrets to kingdom living.  By waiting for God’s wisdom and direction, we will accomplish the most for Him. ”

“He is looking for those who can wait and let the flesh die so that the spirit can truly live for His purposes.”  From Intercessors Arise, by Debbie Przybylski.

So I wait….

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One thought on “Just Wait

  1. waxingstrange

    Just think about the Israelites. If they had been just a little more patient at the foot of Sinai they would have been in the promised land so much sooner. They were geographically a 30 day walk from it before the whole golden calf incident. For some reason that thought always cheers me up.


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