Why a Daughter needs a Mom

I bought this book to give to my daughter, (12 years old), and I thought I would share a few of the reasons. I didn’t realize until I was in my twenties, so maybe I can pass it to you.

A daughter needs a mom to provide her with memories that will last forever. (That’s why we always have a camera in front of our faces, and stay up really late making creative scrapbook pages!)

A daughter needs a mom who is never more than a phone call away. (The reason she had a cell phone at age 10!)

A daughter needs a mom to assure her that she always has a place to come home to. Because no one understands girls like a mom. To remind her that in faith there is fellowship.

A daughter needs a mom to soothe the pain of a broken heart, to teach her that sometimes choosing to wait is a good idea, and to teach her that you cannot make someone love you, but you ca be someone who can be loved.

A daughter needs a mom to tell her that beauty never fades if you look in the right places.

The Book, Why a daughter needs a mom was written by Gregory E. Lang. Go out and buy it, make your mom or daughter feel loved. I’ll post more later.

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