Brooke went back to school today and I’m scared to see the amount of makeup work she’ll have for missing 2 days.  I kept her isolated from the rest of the family and I think it worked.  So far no complaints from anyone else.  She auditions tonight for the Circle of Lights, so keep your fingers crossed. 

Matthew has enjoyed the past two days that we’ve stayed in.  In fact, he hasn’t even put clothes on! 

Tuesday when Zach came home from school and I asked him how his day was.  He said “nice”.  I was in shock.  He always says “good”.  When I tried to press further to see what the difference was, he retreated outside to ride his bike.  He’s a man of few words, just like his daddy. 

He did come out of his 10 year old shell a couple of weeks ago.  My son asked a girl to go out with him, and he told me about it!  She said no, but it’s OK because all of his friends think he’s so cool for asking her.

I guess that’s about it, except for trying to house break a thirty pound puppy.  Any suggestions there would be great.  Oh, and if you’re gonna say just rip the carpet out, I already did that last week.  I put hardwood flooring down in the hallway all by myself!

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One thought on “Randomness

  1. Amanda

    I’m glad to hear Brooke is feeling better! :) Wow! I can’t imagine putting hardwood flooring down all by myself. I watched my hubby do that once and…whew!…that wore me out. LOL!

    Seriously, I actually love doing stuff like that. I once really impressed a guy I worked with when I told him I knew how to lay cement! Okay, so it had been almost 20 years since I had done it but it’s probably like riding a bike, wouldn’t you say?


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