90 Day Bible Reading-Nehemiah, Esther, & Job

Nehemiah follows along closely with Ezra in the restoration of the temple, community, Jerusalem, and the covenant.  It shows the many ways that God was at work to restore the people of Israel to their land.  Allegiance was made to God, and the Jews were restored.  God never forsakes, and nothing is impossible for Him. 

Esther was a Jew who heard of the plan of Haman, the chief administrator to the Persian King, which was to kill the Jews.  She approached the king and told him of the plan, hiding the fact that she herself was a Jew.  The king listened to her, and Haman was put to death.  Esther was very brave for approaching the king.  God used her to save His people.

Job is a great read when you’re feeling down and out.  Job suffered the loss of everything at the hand of satan, but he never rebuked God.  Satan took everything but his life, and Job maintained his innocence to his 3 friends who came to comfort him.  They didn’t believe that Job was innocent.  Why would God take it all away?  Just confess your sins and repent!  But Job stayed firm and steadfast, even questioning God as to why he was suffering so much.  God answered him in a roundabout way, showing him all He’d created, and the greatness of it all.  Job demonstrated his righteousness and God heaped His blessings upon him for the rest of his life. 

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