A terrible loss…

As many of you know, I love to scrapbook, and I love Creative Memories. I sell the stuff because I love it, and I love the company. The consultants are a close knit group, and I love the support they provide. I received an email requesting prayer for an upline who lives in Florida. Her 19 year old daughter contracted bacterial meningitis at college. She was on a bus trip Thursday, and Friday in a coma. They were pumping her with antibiotics, and wanted everyone to pray. When I checked my email tonight, I learned that she had passed away. Rachel was only 19, she has two brothers, and she had a love for life and dance. The email had a few pictures, and as I read I was crying. My daughter was sitting beside me, and profoundly, said ” God has something bigger planned for her in Heaven.” We may not understand it, but Brooke is right. God called her home, to be with Him. This place is only a temporary residence, our eternal future is with God. Rachel is dancing in Heaven, and she feels no sorrow. Please pray for her family, that they will find peace and healing in this painful time, and that they will cling to God for strength. Now thank God for all He has given you, and go kiss your kids one more time tonight.

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